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Multi-MicroPlate Genie
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Multi-MicroPlate Genie

SKU: SI-4000

Quick Overview

The Multi-MicroPlate Genie has been optimized for high speed mixing of almost any microplate, regardless of type or material of construction. The orbit of motion and the speed are designed to achieve consistent mixing within all microplate wells. Fast vortexing action with up to 4 microplates, or 8 with optional accessory tray.

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Recommended Upgrade

Digital Multi-MicroPlate Genie Pulse

Mixing up to 4 microplates with precise control of speed and time.

Features and Functions

Aggressive Vortexing

With complete and uniform mixing even in 384 well plates.

Small Vortexing Orbit

1.0mm orbit for thorough mixing regardless of sample viscosity.

Unique Ventilation System

Protects the microplates from unwanted heat. The fan (located in the bottom of the unit) directs air downward and out of the unit.

Timer Function

Touch On: 1-60 seconds, Hands-Free: 1-60 minutes or Continuous.

Use With Various Applications

May be used as standard "continuous" microplate mixers/shakers. Also used in cold rooms and incubators for temperature sensitive applications.

Multi-MicroPlate Capacity

Accepts up to 4 standard microplates, or 8 with optional accessory tray.


Speed (RPM)750 – 3200 RPM (2700 RPM for 50Hz models)
Timer1 – 60 minutes or continuous
Orbit1.0mm diameter
Product Weight3.7kg (8.1lb)
Dimensions (base)11 - in. x 6 in. x 8 in.
Overall (D x W x H)335 x 240 x 165mm (13.2 x 9.4 x 6.5in)