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Quick Overview x (5Nm x 0.001Nm) powerful high performance cap torque gauge tester with a maximum capacity of and resolution of Designed for precision counter and clockwise cap testing. Fully programmable and easy to use for torque testing applications requiring precision and repeatability. Packed with 1,000 Hz sampling rate, built-in wireless data transmitter, expandable SD microSD card, USB and RS232 for easy PC connectivity. Includes Analog Input Output port for Pass/Fail signalization devices


Features and Functions



Specifications | 0.5kgf.m | 5Nm | 0.1gf.m | 0.001Nm
Sampling Rate1000Hz
Accuracy± 0.5% Full Scale
Overload150% Full Scale (Display Limit: 110%)
InterfacesBT Wireless, USB (B Type), RS232, microSD (SDHC Class 4)
Input / Output PortYES (THR)
Operating Temperature14°F to 104°F | -10 to 40°C | Humidity: Up to 80 % Max.
Measure unitsN, kgF, lbF, ozF,lb, oz, kg
Rechargeable Batteries4 x Ni-MH 2700mAh, 1.2V
Battery Operating Time14h (LCD Backlight OFF, BT Wireless OFF) | 11h (LCD Backlight ON, BT Wireless OFF) | 8h (LCD Backlight ON, BT Wireless ON)
Power Supply12V, 1.2A
Sample Diameter Range0.79in to 7.09in (20mm to 180mm)
Dimensions13.6in x 9.3in x 6.3in (345mm x 236mm x 160mm)
Device weight11.3lb (5.1kg)
Warranty24 months