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Quick Overview

The DRX-4 is an ideal class II pharmacy scale. It was designed specifically for pharmacy use and it has been NTEP certified as legal for trade in prescription weighing. The DRX-4 is very robust, affordable and most important very accurate. It has a 120 gram capacity, with a resolution of .001 grams (1 milligram), it has a tare capacity equal to its range, and provides a display of scale capacity used (in percent) whenever weighing. The need for a draft shield is eliminated by the unique design of the pan shield.
The die-cast metal base uses a tripod support system, with two adjustable legs and one fixed leg, which, when combined with a bubble level indicator, provides the user with an easy to level scale. The dustproof, spill-proof keyboard with easy to read standard symbols makes for a simple user interface and eliminates the need for special training.

Features and Functions


Maximum Capacity120g
Readability (d)0.01g
Verification Unit (e)0.01g
Tare Range-120g
Accuracy ClassII
Operating Temperature+15C to +30C
Weighing Time < 3s
Pan Dimension116 mm
Scale Dimensions235 x 245 x 80 mm
Calibration Weight100g