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High precision prescription and compounding scale with pill counting functionality. (320g x 0.001g) 320g Capacity and 0.001g resolution. Intuitive and easy to use. NTEP certified for pill counting and compounding. Receipt printing, RS232 port, and Large LCD display with a sealed keypad for optimal performance. Built with a die-cast metal housing for guaranteed durability and long operating life.

Features and Functions

The DRX-4C2 is equipped with an NTEP-certified, legal-for-trade counting feature for prescription filling. The 4C is built with a high quality electromagnetic force restoration load-cell and a rugged dies-cast metal housing which makes the scale durable, and guarantees long operating life. The DRX-4C has a capacity of 300g with readability of 1 milligram, and it meets Handbook 44 requirements for Class A prescription balances.
The DRX-4C2 is equipped with an NTEP-approved, legal-for-trade counting feature for prescription filling. The counting feature is easy to use and accurate as it counts pills essentially as fast as they are poured into the vial. The counting feature is designed in the form of a short wizard which leads the user step-by-step through this simple operation, allowing the user to select a preferred sample size for determining average piece weights and to verify the sample weight. The feature is very user-friendly with the counting process usually taking only a few seconds to complete.
This feature allows the user to print a record of a performed counting transaction. The printed receipt indicates the date and time of the performed transaction as well as the NDC code, average pill weight, and actual count. The printed receipt may be used as a logging tool for the counting feature.
The RS232 bidirectional data output port is used for connecting the DRX-4C2 to a printer or a PC. Data is quickly transferred with a single push of a print key.


The DRX-4C is an excellent tool for compounding and recipe making. The compounding feature will add up the recipe ingredients and print a detailed receipt. While compounding, the scale stores the weights of each ingredient in its memory and allows the user at any time to tally the recipe. A printed receipt indicates the date and time of the performed transaction. It will also list in order the weight of each ingredient and indicate the total of the recipe.
This prescription, 300-gram-capacity Class II scale, with a resolution of .001g, has a tare capacity equal to its range, and it displays a used capacity indicator whenever weighing or counting tablets. The capacity indicator allows the user to avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of the scale by displaying the amount of capacity used as percent.
All DRX-4 series scales are equipped with a 7-segment LCD display which ensures excellent visibility of weighing and pill counting results. In addition, each scale is equipped with a sealed front panel which protects the keys and the LCD display from dust and accidental spills.
The need for a draft shield is eliminated by the unique design of the pan shield. Under most circumstance an additional shield is not needed. Having a wide open access to the weighing pan makes pill counting and weighing operations faster as well as comfortable in use.
Calibration, which in many states must be performed by a State Inspector, is now a simple procedure. The scale leads the operator through the process, whose only requirement is a single 300-gram weight. The scale is also configured with all necessary standard sealing features.
The die-cast metal base uses a tripod support system with two adjustable legs, which when combined with a bubble level indicator, provides the user with an easy-to-level scale.


Maximum Capacity320g
MW (Minimum Piece Weight)30mg (3e)
MSS (Minimum Sample Size)10 pieces
Sample Size Selection10, 30, 60
Readability (d)0.001g
Verification Unit (e)0.01g
Tare Range-320g
Accuracy ClassII
Operating Temperature+15C to +30C
Weighing Time < 3s
Pan Dimension116 mm
Scale Dimensions235 x 245 x 80 mm
Calibration Weight300g