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Quick Overview

TORBAL's fastest and most advanced standalone pill counters which offer uncompromising performance. Equipped with a 10,000 drug database capacity, Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy, Pill Fragment Detection, Rx Verification features, Automatic Internal Calibration, Onscreen Instructions, and much more. Rugged die-cast metal housing, standard RS232 Port, PS2 Port, 9 Pill Counting Features and Compounding functions. NTEP Certified for pill counting and prescription use. Equipped with highest quality electromagnet force restoration weighing load-cell 300g x 0.001g.

Features and Functions

The DRX5 series scales are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities and are NTEP Certified for pill counting and prescription weighing in a pharmacy. This series includes scales ranging in capacity from 200 g to 500 g, with readability of 1 milligram. All scales meet Handbook 44 requirements for Class A balances and are legal for trade.. Certificate #: 07-044
Fast 3 step Counting with Direct Vial FillingA typical pill counting transaction of 60 pills, performed on a DRX500 scale connected to the TORBAL server is made in three easy steps, and can be performed under 20 seconds. The steps are simple: tare the vial, scan the NDC located on the supply bottle, and fill the count. During each count the scale displays the name of the drug and other important drug information. Details of each transaction are logged by the server.
The scale's database can store up to 10,000 NDC numbers with their associated, drug weights, names and production LOT numbers. New drugs and their NDC codes are quickly and easily added to the database, which may be maintained by updating the stored sample sizes and pill weights.
The NDC verification feature eliminates potential errors in prescription filling. It ensures that the correct prescription is counted and filled. The feature allows the user to compare two NDC codes and check for a match. The Rx label barcode can be compared to the stock bottle barcode. Additionally, the NDC verification feature can be used as an integrated part of the pill counting feature or as a separate function.
This feature ensures that the database is always updated with current drug LOT information, which is important for optimum counting accuracy. The data entry reminder feature reminds the user to update drug data, such as the average piece weight and sample size. The feature tracks NDC entries and displays a message reminding the user to update the database with new information.
When entering new drugs to the scale’s database, each entry is associated with an NDC number in addition to which the user can assign a drug name. Labeling the drug with the actual name is quickly and easily done via an external keyboard connected to the scale’s standard PS/2 port.
In addition to labeling a drug with an actual name the user can assign a production LOT number. Labeling the drug with the actual name and LOT number is quickly and easily done via an external keyboard connected to the scale’s PS/2 port. The LOT number entry is particularly useful when maintaining drug’s average piece weight.
The large pixel type LCD display allows for graphics and full-text onscreen instruction to be displayed while counting pills. The pill counting function is designed as a short wizard that leads the user step-by-step through this simple operation
APA is an advanced pill counting algorithm that can adjust for production LOT pill weight variations and provide even greater accuracy when counting large quantities. The feature is very easy to use and requires little user interaction.
The Deviation warning feature allows checking for possible discrepancy between the stored average piece weight, and the average piece weight of the drug which is to be counted. The feature signals if a deviation greater than +/- 2% is found.
When performing a counting transaction, the remaining to fill feature assists in achieving cut off at the proper pill count. When the feature is enabled, in addition to the displayed pill count, a remaining to fill countdown is displayed. The display indicates how many more pills must be placed in the vial to achieve the desired count, and always indicates “0” at the target count. This feature helps to prevent overfilling. If too many pills are added, an overfill indicator displays the number of pills that should be removed from the vial
The DRX300s and DRX500s are equipped with a high performance single-line laser barcode scanner. Automatic activation and excellent depth of field ensures fast and reliable scanning of the NDC barcodes at all times
This feature allows the user to print a record of a performed counting transaction. The printed receipt indicates the date and time of the performed transaction, as well as the NDC code, drug name, production LOT number, average piece weight and the actual count. The printed receipt may be used as a logging tool for the counting feature.
Any external full PC keyboard can be connected to the scale via the PS/2 port. This allows the user to input data quickly and easily. External keyboard connection becomes particularly useful when entering drug data such as the actual drug name or the production LOT number.
This compounding feature includes a Filling Meter function that assists the user in the filling process. The meter is a none-linear indicator that indicates a cut-off point at which the meter indicator becomes very sensitive, therefore it allows the user to stop filling at the desired weight with greater accuracy.
In compounding a digital remaining to fill display indicates how much weight is needed to reach the desired weight. The user is asked to key in the desired weight of an ingredient before filling. This allows the scale to track the filled weight and display the remaining amount. If too much weight is placed, an excess indicator will be displayed, along with the amount of weight that should be removed.
This feature allows you to assign unique names or labels to individual ingredients within the compound. The name of the ingredient and its weight are stored in the scale’s memory.
The compounding feature allows storing the entire recipe in a library that can be viewed at a later time. The archived record includes the date, time and total of a performed compound as well as the name and the weight of each ingredient.
A printed receipt indicates the date and time of the performed transaction. It will also list, in order, the weight of each ingredient and indicate the total weight of the recipe. This feature becomes particularly useful when a back-trail of the compounding transaction is required.


The state-of-the-art self-calibrating mechanism keeps the scale calibrated at all times, thereby providing optimum weighing accuracy. The scale will automatically calibrate itself at startup, pre-set time intervals or whenever required by temperature changes. The need for an external calibration weight is eliminated, while providing the user with confidence that measurements are accurate and correct.
The DRX 5 series scales are equipped with a Graphical LCD display which measures 134mm x 40.4mm (240 x 64 dots). The LCD displays full text and graphics which makes the scale user-friendly and intuitive
A sealed front panel protects the keypad from spills, dust, and wear and tear. An adequate number of keys, including numeric and navigation keys, eliminates key multiplexing and creates a user-friendly interface.
The scale’s Navigation Keys allow the user to easily and intuitively operate through the scale’s function menus and configuration procedures. Each operation is fast and can be completed within seconds. In addition, for the operator’s convenience, the scale is equipped with dual TARE keys located on each side of the unit.


Maximum Capacity300g
Readability (d)0.001g
Verification Unit (e)0.01g
Stabilization time (typical)Approx. 3s
CalibrationInternal and Automatic
Tare Range-300g
Accuracy ClassII
Pan Dimension120 mm (4.7 in)
Scale Dimensions216 x 345 x 90 mm (8.5 x 13.6 x 3.5 in)
Operating Temperature+15C to +30C
RS232 PortBidirectional
PS2 Keyboard PortStandard
RJ45 Network PortOptional
Barcode ScannerLaser Handheld
MW (Minimum Piece Weight)30mg (3e)
MSS (Minimum Sample Size)10 pieces
Sample Size Selection10, 30, 60