New Wizard Mini-Fuge

If you think all fuges are alike, you haven't tried the Wizard Mini-Fuge. This sleek easy-to-use unit is perfect for microfiltration, HPLC samples, DNA, RNA, and protein applications. Small, yet powerful, the mini-fuge is designed to perform quick separations with maximum safety. Scientific Industries, Inc has been manufacturing top laboratory instruments for vortexing and mixing for over 50 years; and the Mini-Fuge is no exception. Features include: • Weighted rubberized base that virtually eliminates movement and noise • Palm-sized lid that allows easy repeat opening and quick tube extraction • Snapspin™ rotors and quick-spin options that make changing rotors a breeze The Mini-Fuge comes with a 6 1.5/2.0ml tube rotor, 16 place 0.2ml tube rotor (singles, or 2x8 strip), 6 tube adapters 0.2ml, 6 tube adapters 0.5ml, 4 o-rings, storage case, and tube rack. With adapters that support microtube and PCR tube styles, the Wizard Mini-Fuge is a powerhouse of flexibility, function and flair! And, although it measures only 6 X 5 X 4 in, it boasts a gravity defying speed of up to 6000 RPM/2000 x g. That's pretty impressive when you consider a roller coaster loop doesn't create that kind of centrifugal force. The Mini-Fuge also makes a great complement to the Vortex Genie-2, our most popular model for vortexing and mixing. Not unlike the little steam engine in the classic children's story, the Wizard Mini-Fuge is up to big challenges. It's the little fuge that can, and does! For more information about the Mini-Fuge, contact us.