Visit us at PITTCON 2017, March 5 - 9, at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, USA. Checkout the all new Mini Orbital Genie shaker, the Non‐Invasive pH & DO monitoring system from Scientific Bioprocessing, and the new EnviroApp for Enviro-Genie incubators. We can’t wait to see you in booth 2224!

Mini Orbital Genie Shakers

The most compact Mini Orbital Genie shaker. Rapid shaking in a spaca saving design.

  • Compact and Heavy Duty
  • Available in 3 platforms(Adhering Mat, Standard, Ratcheting Clamps)
  • Powerful with variable speed control
  • Mini-100 Orbital Genie provides flexibilty with optional stacking tray
  • Durable and long lasting

Enviro Genie App

New companion application to the Enviro-Genie. Optimizes the use of the Enviro-Genie and enhances the features by allowing the user complete control over its functions and settings.

  • Temperature email alerts
  • Easy Connection
  • Analytics and Stats
  • Profile Storing
  • Auto Run

Scientific Bioprocessing - CellPhase

Optimize your cell cultivation process with CellPhase. Monitor and analyze pH and Do measurements non-invasively in real-time, while stirring culture media in a controlled environment of your incubator or shaker.

  • Non-Invasive
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Single Use
  • Resistant to Particulates

New AGCN and AGZN Analytical Balances

Re-designed high precision analytical balances with USB ports for PC Connectivity. Designed for fast paced laboratory applications.

  • Automatic Internal Calibration
  • Ultra new Load-cell
  • Send weighing results to a PC via USB interface
  • Rugged Die-Cast Metal Housing
  • 8 Configurable Weighing Modes and 7 Weighing Units
  • Easy Access Weighing Chamber
  • Density Calculation
  • Backlit LCD Display

Re-designed AD Precision Scale

Precision Balance ideal for basic lab and everyday weighing applications. Equipped with new USB ports for easy PC connectivity.

  • High Precision Weighing
  • New Advanced Load-cell
  • USB and RS232 Interface allows for easily tranferring weighing data to a PC
  • Rugged Die Cast Metal Housing
  • 7 Configurable Weighing Modes and 7 Weighing Units
  • Backlit LCD Display