Torbal used in Catalyst Characterization Equipment made by Altamira Instruments

Torbal and Altamira a Perfect Match for Catalyst Characterization

Challenges Facing Material Scientists and Engineers

The American Society for Metals hosted a "Catalysis Breakout" where the challenges facing catalysis scientists were discussed. Among the key challenges highlighted in that conference were the following:

• Identifying reactive sites by computation and experiment.

• Accurately calculating/predicting key parameters (stable structure, energetics, active sites, intermediaries).

• Determining minimum accuracy requirements and improving the accuracy of computational methods.

To the average person, these might seem too technical to be of any practical significance; however, advances in material science have been improving our quality of life for many years. From paint to building materials to space travel, catalysis science has enabled many advances that add significantly to our knowledge and comfort. For example, the Break Out highlighted that improving catalysis of small molecules is essential to being able to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In light of this, there is indeed a very practical need for scientists to overcome the challenges they face.

Computation, experimentation and calculation all require the use of precision equipment that enable researchers and technical experts to obtain consistent results.

Torbal and Altamira

With Torbal used in Catalyst Characterization Equipment made by Altamira instruments, experts can trust in their instruments and focus on their research. Scientists and engineers depend on their instruments to provide accurate and consistent data, so they must chose who will supply that instrumentation wisely. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing catalyst characterization instrumentation, Altamira Instruments is the perfect partner for any research professional. However, whether you are determining metal dispersion, relative activity, or absorption strength, measuring weight with accuracy is key. Torbal scales incorporate the latest measuring technology and are constructed with the highest quality parts and components. In addition, Torbal provides the highest quality customer service and technical support.

Torbal AG2000 Scale

The Torbal AG2000 scale, for example, comes equipped with the following features and functions:

• Automatic Internal Calibration

• Large Graphical LCD with Backlight

• Accurate and easy to use leveling system

• Robust die-cast metal housing

• Used Capacity indicator

• 20 key sealed front panel

• Draft ring

• Data printing

• RS 232 Interface Port

• PS2 – External Keyboard Connection

• USB Port

• RJ45 – Network Connection Port (optional)

In addition, the Torbal AG2000 can measure in grams, kilograms, carats, pounds, newton, grains, ounces, ounces troy or pennyweight.

To compliment Altamira’s many years of experience providing instrumentation solutions, Torbal weighing mechanisms have been considered a superior product since the 1800s. Not surprisingly, today Torbal is considered one of the most advanced analytical, laboratory, and precision scales available.

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